A new friend (thanks Lindsay) recently taught me about the Marco Polo app, and I feel obligated to share!!  Not only is this a hysterical and fun way to interact with your friends, but it also has come in handy while we are away from our kids during our vacation.

The Marco Polo App

This seriously is one of the easiest apps I’ve ever used.  (That’s saying a lot coming from this momma!) It literally is an app that you send videos back and forth with your friends.  Unlike FaceBook or Instagram, your videos only go to who you are sending them too.  Not everyone wants to see me try on 47 dresses, but my sister does haha!! Not everyone wants to hear my children throwing tantrums for non-apparent reasons, but my best friend does!!

This app isn’t just sending videos back and forth.  You can also watch them live or set up a group of friends to send a video group to. It’s so darn fun.  Did I mention it’s free?!?  … and no, I did not get anything for writing this post from Marco Polo.

Cue the kids and vacation.

I was feeling guilty about being away from the munchkins for almost 2 weeks, and I also was worried about the time change and FaceTiming.  We are literally 6 hours behind the kids right now, and I know my little guy gets grumpy closer to bedtime without me there, so Facetiming was going to get a bit tricky.  Thankfully, Marco Polo has been a lifesaver with this!!

The kids just take Grandma’s phone and send videos to us about their days, or about basically anything, anytime, and then we an respond on our time.  I have literally watched the kids eat, tell me about our dog, and even have seen the bribes they have gotten from my dad for sleeping through the night. (Smart grandpa!)  It’s perfect!!



So, if you’re ever in a predicament where you don’t know exactly how you’ll communicate with someone (or your offspring), I highly recommend getting Marco Polo!!  I also highly recommend getting your best friends on there ASAP.  The hysterical videos I receive in a daily basis literally have made me stop in my tracks from laughing!! (Thank you to those friends who have made my days recently!!)

Side note: my son even uses it to send his little bestie messages on her mom’s phone.  It seriously couldn’t be any cuter!!