Well, it happened.  I got sick and actually got a sick day.  Being a stay-at-home mom, I’ve always felt like there are no sick days for this momma.  When I get sick it usually means I hope the kids sleep in, I hope they will lay on the couch in front of multiple kid shows, and I dream of the husband getting home from work before 6:30pm so I can sneak off to bed early.

We are spending Memorial Day weekend at my parents house which means it’s both the best and worst time to get sick.  Yes having a pounding headache with my sinus infection isn’t a great way to enjoy spending time with family, but it’s great knowing there are four other adults in the house who can step in and help out besides this momma.

They say it takes a village, and when it comes to a momma sick day, it sure does!! Yay for the  aunt being in town that my kids gravitate towards (and for her love of playing outside with bubbles), yay for the husband having a week off to focus on just the family, and yay for the grandparents who are more than excited to play with my kids while I sneak away to take a nap!

I’m happy to report this momma got a sick day today and even though I might still feel like garbage, I can honestly say this was one refreshing break.  Thank you village!!