(If my toddler could write a blog about this morning it would look like this.)

My mom might be losing it.  We went on a walk after breakfast and mom wasn’t worried about my sister riding her scooter almost a block ahead of us.  She didn’t panic when my sister approached the street… It’s like she knew Abby would stop without needing to tell her.  Mom didn’t freak out when Abby jumped off her scooter and rolled in the grass.  Normally she would have lost it!

To make matters more concerning, mom then took us to a new park.  A big park with multiple slides and open areas.  Mom doesn’t even like parks!  She let me run free and climb the play set without following me.  I don’t think she’s ok.  She’s normally attached to my hip!!

I went down the curvy slide all by myself and mom didn’t seem worried.  What?!?  Should I call dad?

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