I love all things homemade; homemade pie, homemade gifts, and thoughtful things you can’t just find at the local Target.  One of the things I love most about the homemade element is the emotional response it seems to envoke.

With all that said, I just had the best moment this morning brought on from one of my favorite “homemade” gifts I’ve ever received.  My dad, a little crafty dad so it appears, made me a cookbook of all our favorite recipes years ago.  It’s kind of my “go to guide” for the holidays and for family dinners.

I not only love the recipes, but the cute intro note and some of the recipe titles like “Dad’s Simply Outstanding Italian Meatballs.”  (Clearly he knows he can cook!)  You cannot just buy this!

I came across my favorite page this morning and showed it to my daughter.  She was sure it was her in the picture but she couldn’t remember sitting on a counter licking a beater.  After a little explaining she couldn’t believe it was me!  This nostalgic moment was made possible from a thoughtful gift I will always cherish and that my little lady will one day cherish too!

Now onto making these (late) birthday cupcakes for a sweet 6 year old!  (Of course she requested my stepmom’s amazing cream cheese cupcakes from the book!)