In case you are having “one of those days,” just know, you are NOT alone!

Today feels like a Monday.  The toddler didn’t nap; I tried to get him to, but he had other plans today.  The daughter has literally been home less than 30 minutes and this is my current reality:

The house looks like someone broke in… toys and dishes are everywhere.  Somehow all the dog toys are even out of their bin.  How?!  I literally feel like I’ve been picking up the house all day.

The kids have now moved to our basement where it is all fighting, grabbing, and screaming.  The daughter looked at my son and he freaked.  She touched a toy he NEVER cares about, and now he MUST have it.  My once clean basement, (the only clean part of the house today) now looks like a tornado blew threw.

I need to make dinner, get the kids ready for soccer practice and head out sooner than I’d like to admit to myself.  The husband also has a “happy hour” tonight, aka “happy night in the city without kids,” so I will be bathing these over-tired kids post practice solo.

It’s a good thing I got a chai tea latte before the bus arrived today… I have a feeling it’s not going to cut it though.  How does it already feel like 9pm and it’s just now 4:30?!

Stay strong, you are NOT alone!