I’ve officially decided my dad has become a bad influence on me. Those of you who knew me growing up are all probably rubbing your heads in disbelief. How is that even possible you are wondering?! My strict dad, who was always making sure we followed the rules, is a bad influence? Yes, it’s true.

I’ve learned over the years that my dad loves having me around as a grown up. I think he knows I have the same “vices” he does and he loves the fact that I’m usually up for anything (well, within reason). I seriously arrive in Cincinnati and within minutes he’s spouting off all the restaurants we need to eat at while I’m there, and how he plans on making it to all of them. (No joke, he seriously has a plan already worked out.) He also has our desserts mapped out for the week; this menu includes my favorite ice cream shop (Graeter’s), a freshly made pie he has waiting at his house, and a new custard shop or two that I must try. I know to pack my loose fitting clothes when I see my dad for all the reasons above.

He also has learned I will humor him and go to the local casino when I’m around. He doesn’t like to go alone (I’m thinking that’s a good thing) and my stepmom isn’t one for gambling. Hence, I am like his knight in shining armor when I say I’m game for a night at the slots. He gets me my beer and away we go for the next couple of hours in a kid free zone. How could I complain about that?!?

I’ll admit it; I like being his sidekick. If I had to choose someone to be a bad influence on me I’d pick him hands down. I look at it as I paid my time growing up with his rules and getting good grades and now I’ve earned our “adult nights” without the rules and regulations. I might gain 10lbs and lose a little money in the process but I’d say it’s worth it!

I hope everyone has a “bad influence” in their lives like I do!!