I had no idea I could learn so much about my now seven year old from going through her mini I-Pad photos.

I’ll be honest, I felt a bit like I was reading her diary.  I learned SO much and laughed SO hard… this girl is so fascinating.

It all started when the daughter got upset that her I-Pad was running out of memory.  She had NO clue why it wasn’t working as good as it used to.  I thought it was because if her 100 Plus MineCraft games she is working on.  I knew I couldn’t delete any of that, but I thought it was worth looking into.

Well, after a small search, I discovered her almost 3,000 photos and over 100 videos.  Seriously, it was unbelievable, and fascinating to see the world through her eyes.

Ten things I learned from the daughter’s I-Pad photos:

ONE.  She has been like the paparazzi to our boxer for years.  I had no clue she was taking so many pictures (and videos) of him. No wonder he seems so annoyed when I try to take his photo; clearly he’s been posing more than I thought!

TWO.  She is VERY proud of her toys… and her creations with them.  So many photos of toys, Legos, and all her “knick knacks” in her room.  I guess the “hoarding” is more purposeful then I thought!


THREE.  She’s persistent.  There were literally at least three photos for every shot.  It’s like she needed to frame her picture just right and never gave up until she did.

FOUR.  She sees the world through rose colored goggles.  The photos of my messy kitchen seemed to look much nicer through her view.

FIVE.  She tormented her little brother more than I knew.  Exhibit A:  Little brother in dog crate… lots of times through the years. Oops.  9AFA34D5-C5D6-4CF0-8E54-734B02EC3E1C

SIX.  It’s all about the selfies… even when you’re little.


SEVEN.  The MSQRD app is hilarious!! The daughter has photos of her as a shark and other crazy faces from this app.  So cleaver! 55303368-4F50-411C-B445-D85E9F4F7693 5318D100-326D-400F-B760-44CD374163A7

EIGHT.  Clearly she spends more time on her I-Pad then I thought!! (Oh well…)

NINE.  She will never be allowed on SnapChat as long as I can control it.  No, she doesn’t have any “bad” photos but if my girl has a knack for taking photos I don’t want to promote something I can’t monitor.  I will keep her in a bubble, thanks!

TEN.  I have a budding comedian on my hands.  Some of these videos are pure gold!! (And some will definitely resurface at her future wedding!!)

So, it’s time for you to go and get your kid’s I-Pad or smart phone, kick back, and enjoy!!

Hopefully it’s as entertaining as my little one’s.  (I think this probably only applies to kids under age 10… I’m not too sure what older kids would have or if you’d survive the fallout from deleting their photos!)