Turns out the toddler is a little sneakier then I thought he was.  Due to a black eye (that I have NO idea how he got- “mom of the year”) he missed preschool last Thursday morning.  Yes, he could have gone, but once he started crying begging me not to take him to preschool I just didn’t have the heart to make him go.  Not only was he playing into my mom guilt, but once he started crying his black eye looked even worse.  How could I send my one-eyed boy?!

Fast forward to this morning, his first preschool day since he missed last week.  First thing he said to me, still in his bed, was “I don’t want to go to preschool mom.”  Seriously?!  He clearly had been thinking about this and clearly the next 2 hours were going to be a struggle.  Sure enough, all morning he sulked and pouted.  He continued to remind me he didn’t want to go, and I continued to remind him he was going and he was going to have a great time once there.

It seriously was like wrestling a greased up pig trying to get his shoes on and get him into the car.  The tears were flowing back in his car seat and everytime I looked back at him he was sure to give me the stink eye.  (Thank goodness he is my second kid and this didn’t phase me too much.)

I was prepared for the worst.  I knew when his poor, unsuspecting teacher walked up to our car it was going to be a hot mess.  But wait, turns out my little guy is a bit of an actor it appears.  When the teacher came to his door he smiled at her, said “hi” and off he went.  No tears, no screaming… clearly he had just been doing this act for my benefit all morning.  Goodness!