Today was a gold letter day… Momma got a nap!!! I seriously feel like a new woman and I might have grown an inch or so too. All it took was a 5 hour trip through 3 states and a willing pair of grandparents to let this nap dream become a reality.

The kids and I are spending the week at the grandparents’ house in Cincinnati which means “momma gets a break”! I feel like I earned it having taken the maiden voyage from Illinois to Cincinnati yesterday solo. The kids were actually quite good for the almost 6 hour trip. There were only a few tears, no naps, and only about 500 “are we there yets?!?”.

Today was the day I’ve been dreaming about (well for a few weeks at least). I was able to get the son to bed for his nap, make sure the daughter was okay with grandma and then sneak away into my bedroom for a nap. Best part was this was a real nap. Grandpa had the son’s monitor so I wasn’t sleeping with one ear open either. The room I napped in was also in the basement which means no sunlight to keep me up. Amazing and life changing!!

Here’s hoping I can sneak away again during nap time this week. Who knows… Maybe I’ll be able to squeeze in a solo shopping trip while we are here too. The husband is gonna wonder what happened to his wife when he sees this refreshed looking lady return to the house on Friday.