It has recently come to my attention that not only are there actual holidays, like Thanksgiving and the 4th of July, but there are also “National Days” for basically every day of the year.

I have questions… I need answers.  This is a lot.

What makes something able to have a day?

I would think a “National Day” would most likely be reserved for someone who was a hero of sorts; someone who did incredible things.  Maybe a former president gets a day.  I’d even be cool with a memorial of type for a day, commemorating a historic event which impacted our nation.

Today is October 4th.  I know today as “3 days until my birthday,” or my twin nephews’ birthdays.  Well, turns out we are supposed to know today as the following:  National Taco Day, National Vodka Day, National Walk to School Day, National Golf Lover’s Day, and don’t forget National Pumpkin Seed Day.  Wow.

There’s A LOT here.

Looks like I need to have tacos with vodka at lunch, pumpkin seeds for snack and then I must bake a little something special to drop off to my friends and family who have a love of all things golf.  No worries, I’ve got this!  I am going to have to pass on the walking to school since we would need to leave around 6am to get there by the time school begins.

Sorry, I am sure I will be forgiven for only celebrating 4 of the 5 national days.

Clearly, I need to start submitting things to make National Days.

Please let me know if there is anything you’d like added, and I’ll be sure to include it.  As for me, I’d love to see a National Let Mom Sleep in Day and a National Eat only Desserts Day.  Don’t worry, I’ll be submitting these soon.

Good thing there’s a website that lists all the national days.  If you’re concerned you’re missing out on the celebrations, be sure to bookmark this link to stay up to date on all these important days.

If you are already worried about tomorrow, don’t fret.  Looks like it’s”National Get Funky Day” (I CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!), National Rhode Island Day, National Do Something Nice Day, and don’t forget National Apple Betty Day.