There are times when I see people who have a ton of friends around them, and I question why I’m not this way.  Why do I not have a hundred friends to choose from and to go out with on a weekly basis?  Does this mean no one likes me?  Should I go out and find some other moms to be friends with just because that’s what people do?

Usually, pretty soon after my personal pity party, I realize how fortunate I am to have a handful of girlfriends who I consider to be like an extended family.  Legitimate, will drop anything to help me, friends.  I have learned over the years that it’s best to have a handful of true friends instead of many surface level friendships that require a lot of time and effort.  The thing I love most about my small group of close girlfriends, is that they are my “no work” friends.

My close friends make it easy to be friends with them; I don’t have to do a ton of work and second-guessing with them and their friendships.  I can go months without talking to some, and then when we reconnect and it’s like no time has passed.  Isn’t this what real friendship is all about?

Know what else?  My friends accept me for me.

I might be a little uptight and some would say “overprotective,” but my close friends know this and they know it comes with me.  They don’t try to change or fix me.  They understand things like why I would rather meet at a pool during the parent-tot hours before the sun has really even come out for the day, rather than going mid-day when it’s crazy crowded.  I don’t have to change or “watch what I say” to be accepted by these friends.  It’s really refreshing to just being myself, flaws and all.

My wish for everyone reading this is they you have a core group of “no work” friends too.  Friendships shouldn’t be hard to maintain, they should come naturally.  If you can’t be yourself around people who you consider your friends, then maybe those  friendships have run their course.  It’s not a numbers game of who has the most friends, it really should be about keeping friends that lift you up and who make your life happier.  Friendships should not be about keeping up appearances and making room for people who aren’t making the same space for you.

Thank you to my core group of girlfriends; you all know who you are!!  You make me a better person and I truly appreciate each and everyone of you.