See the photo above?  Besides the terrible angle, always angle down, it’s a pretty cute shot.  The husband snapped this photo at the annual Tons of Trucks event through the local park district.  It’s one of our favorite family activities, and we were all hoping today’s trip would be as fun as the previous times we’ve attended.

Tuns out the photo isn’t showing the exact truth.

First, look at the son.  He’s so darn cute, right?

We started the day off inside at the vendor fair, and we found this awesome Storm Trooper mask.  I couldn’t turn down this mask, and since there’s no way I could ever create one, I gave in and bought the mask for my little man.  The son insisted to keep it on as we ventured outside into the tons of trucks area, which was totally fine by me.

He suddenly went from being super excited about the trucks, to being afraid of every single truck.  Who knew Storm Troopers scared so easily?  I have no idea what set him off or why the sudden fear set in, but it did, and it came on strong.  The poor guy had actual tears streaming down his face.  He only wanted to be held, and only by me.  The husband tried to help, but when this guy gets his mind set on something, it’s usually very hard to change it.  He literally went from being all about the trucks, to being all about getting straight out of there.

Now let’s talk about the daughter.

Sweet girl has been battling something we just thought was allergies.  Well, a few minutes into the show, it became pretty obvious that it might be something more.  Usually this lady is all over the trucks, climbing in and out of them, honking the absurdly loud horns, etc.  Today, she tried to be a trooper, but really wasn’t into it.

Wanna know how we knew something was really wrong?  My Mexican food loving lady didn’t even touch the nachos or her cheese quesadilla from our favorite taco truck.  Alarming, I know.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is pictures can sure be deceiving.

How easy would it have been to write, “We had the best day ever at Tons of Trucks!”?  Super easy.  I could have just left it at that and no one would known what really was going on.  Here we are, our perfect little family, out enjoying our local park district activities.  Some friends would have read this and thought, wow, what an amazing day they are having!  It’s all harmless really, but it’s not completely honest.

Things aren’t always what they seem, and there’s no reason to pretend otherwise.  We are off to see if the daughter is fighting something more than a cold soon, and the Storm Trooper is sleeping soundly in his bed.  I’ll be off to mow the grass soon and might end the night with some laundry and grocery shopping.  Such is the life of a mom, right?!

Happy Sunday all.  Here’s hoping we all can embrace our realities and not feel a since to filter out the truth.