It’s true, our family have a bit of a Starbucks obsession and now (sadly) we also have developed a butter croissant obsession too.  (Both are serious problems we are “working” on!)

This new obsession with the French pastry is all the husband’s fault.  He introduced us all to this buttery goodness and now we are hooked. Not only do my kids shame me about my Starbucks Chai Tea Latte runs; now they demand a butter croissant too.  No, I don’t always give in, but it sure makes it harder to sneak one into the car when their little brains are now trained to sniff these puppies out.  How am I to survive the morning grind with these little people judging me and my choices?!

In an effort to not go broke over croissants, I found an 8 pack of butter croissants at Whole Foods for half the price of Starbucks.  Who would have thought?!  Of course this feeds into a whole other problem of stepping foot into Whole Foods and spending a mini fortune in everything else, but I digress…

I’m glad my kids would choose a croissant over a donut, but I need to work on getting them this excited about things like salad and broccoli!