Remember when you used to be able to just pack up and head off for a weekend away on the drop of a dime?!

I barely can recall this phase of life these days.  I’m learning it takes a lot to take “time off” from being a mom.

I am lucky enough to have a set of in-laws close by who will take the kids over night from time to time.  Our first few nights away when the kids were younger were tough.  Oh, no, I don’t mean because of a night away from the kids, (pretty sure we hit the door running, making skid marks out of the driveway), but because of all the preparation it takes to leave.

Putting it nicely, I’m a bit of a Type A personality.

Okay, I’m a 100% control freak… I admit it.  It was so much worse before 2 kids, because I hadn’t yet given into the notion that there’s no way to control everything.  I used to write literally like 4 pages of notes for one night away.  How annoying was I?!  I even would prepack meals for the kids and label them in my attempt to make it easier on my In-laws and also to help with my mom guilt of leaving.

I’m happy to report times have changed, and now I try to keep it down to a note or two with only the essentials.  The daughter can basically fend for herself, so she’s easy.  The toddler is potty training (still) so most of my notes revolve around that!

Gone are the days of just picking up and leaving.

Here are the days of frantically cleaning my house, making notes, and bribing the kids to be good so this momma can get another night away soon.

It’s also funny how a weekend away means a complete change in wardrobe from my usual “mom uniform.”  I had to try on about 10 outfits last night while packing up my stuff because I had no clue what even fit anymore.  Sadly, I even had to dust off a super cute pair of boots I never get to wear anymore… heeled boots just aren’t practical when chasing a toddler through Target!

I am beyond excited for a weekend in the city, kid free!! I’m happy with all my preparations and hopefully the weekend doesn’t fly by too quickly!!

Does anyone else have a hard time just leaving without doing hours of preparations first?  It’s seriously a huge problem I’m trying to move away from a bit since I have very self sufficient in-laws.