Tonight was our first (of many) parent orientations at a new elementary school.  I thought I was ready for the daughter to head off to kindergarten, but now I’m not so sure.

The school seems nice, but so big!!  It’s no preschool, that’s for sure!!  I was overwhelmed with the size and all the information I head tonight, so I have a feeling my tiny dancer might just freak out tomorrow when she goes in to see the school and meet her teacher (who seems fantastic).  How does someone prepare for this stage of life?!  I have no idea.

I know millions of moms have sent their kids to kindergarten before me, but for some reason I feel like I’m the first mom to ever do this.  How am I going to put my 5 year old on a bus (solo) and just be okay with not knowing anything about her day until she returns 3.5 hours later?  I guess I am lucky to have half day kindergarten even though I was not 100% sure about this short day before.

I know my daughter will adjust and end up loving school, but right now, as I sit here less than 48 hours until the first day of elementary school, I’ll admit that I’m not so sure I’m ready for this big step.  Where did the time go?!  How is my girl already elementary school age?!  Wish me luck… I think I am going to need it more than she will.