We had a fantastic weekend spent in Ohio with a lot of family.  The kids got to see all of their cousins at once, ride rides at Kings Island, celebrate a couple of birthdays, swim, play outside and eat a lot of sweets.  Although the weekend was a blast, I am paying for it today!!

The toddler woke up angry and still tired.  He wasn’t his usual cuddly self.  Within minutes of him waking, he had managed to throw a tantrum over getting his diaper changed, got mad at his sister for looking at him, and threw all of his stuffed animals out of his toy bin in search of the one you he knew wasn’t in there.

Once downstairs I thought a nice kid show would distract my overly tired and grumpy kids, but I was wrong.  Both kids decided they needed to sit on the same part of the ottoman which caused a shoving battle to ensue.  The toddler found my metal coaster (not the best choice to have with kids, I know) and threw it at the daughter’s ear.  Seriously, do I need an excercism today in order to get my kids back?!

After the crying slowed, I then found myself in a battle of words with the soon to be 6 year old.  After having seen Usain Bolt run his 9 second 100m dash, she insisted she has run the same distance in 5 seconds.  Ummm, no.  This former high school sprinter was not gonna let my little lady think, or repeat to others, this statement since it was 100% not true.  She didn’t like that one bit.  My rationale that usually works didn’t work today.  I even said, “If you practice maybe someday you can run it that fast and win a gold medal.”  Nope, she doesn’t need to practice, she’s just that fast already.  I know, pick your battles they say.  Well, this momma is not backing down!

Wish me luck!! I’m thinking naptime will be sooner than later and hopefully longer than normal.  Is it 6:30pm yet?!?

Happy Detox Monday all!