Potty training can be rough, especially when your first child was a potty training champ and your second child is the complete opposite.  Hang in there and know that someday, (hopefully before they are teenagers) you will have a child who will be out of diapers.

In my effort to show all parents how much “fun” potty training can be, I’m blogging about my top 10 potty training phrases I have used repeatedly in the last 24 hours.  Good luck and just know, you are NOT alone!

The top 10 potty training phrases (I’ve said in the last 24 hours):

#10- Does your tummy feel funny? (Because I like to think he has a clue when he is about to pee all over my house.)

#9- Stay on the hardwood.

#8- Don’t lick your brother’s bottom. (Said repeatedly to the dog.)

#7- It’s not silly to poop on the floor, it’s gross.

#6- You don’t get an M&M every time your brother pees.

#5- Spider-Man doesn’t like to get wet.

#4- Buddy, don’t go potty on the floor.

#3- Even superheros poop on the potty.

#2- Get off the couch!

#1- Focus less on your nipples and more on your penis.

Yep, potty training is great fun! If you need a fun way to spend your one only open weekend until Spring,  I highly recommend potty training your toddler.