The soon to be 3 year old I have living in my house, recently decided that he doesn’t like to eat chicken.  He used to love chicken in most forms; nuggets, shredded, in tacos, in chicken bowls etc.  Well, I guess that is now history and we are onto a new phase of no chicken (in any form) at all.

It’s been driving me crazy lately.  Last night I decided to try chicken again.  The husband was working late and I didn’t want to make the dinner I originally planned, since all that effort really is wasted on my tiny dancers.  I did a quick plan b which included chicken skewers (thanks Costco!), squash and beets.  The funny thing about this dinner is most kids would ONLY eat the chicken skewers. but I knew it was the only part of the meal my little man would frown at.  I knew something “different” had to be done so I decided to leave the chicken on the stick and make a BIG deal about it.  I mean like, really play it up.

I announced he was going to eat his chicken like a “big boy.”  His eyes got wide and he seemed a little excited.  (Check!)  He came to the table, demanded to know what that was.  I said it was chicken skewers and he gave me a little bit of a side eye.  (For the sake of my sanity, I decided to let that go.)  I told him only big boys ate their chicken on sticks and asked if he wanted to try.  To my amazement he said yes and began to devour the entire thing.  (Winning!)

It might only be a small victory, but I’ll take it.  I’m thinking of putting all of the food he currently won’t eat on sticks.  I really think this discovery might be a turning point.  I’m going to start working on putting salad on a stick for my daughter too… I’ll let you know how that turns out!

So, what did we learn from this?  Invest in skewer sticks and start making kabobs parents!  Here’s hoping it works for some other picky eaters too.