The daughter never really took to puzzles. I would sit with her and try so hard to stay calm and try to explain how puzzles work. She has cousin’s a year younger than her who love puzzles so much that they would even do them upside down, without the pictures to help. Seriously! I had to come to terms that puzzles just weren’t her thing, and instead of forcing them on her, I decided to let the puzzle battle go.

To my surprise, the toddler son has recently taken a liking to puzzles. I can’t believe how different doing puzzles with a kid who wants to do them is. No arguing, zero whining, and there is actually smiling occurring during the process. Is this how other parents feel about puzzles?!

He’s still learning, but wow, what a difference. I don’t feel my patience running thin with him like I did years ago with the daughter. I welcome this new peaceful puzzle phase.