It’s so crazy thinking back to when our daughter was born and my stepmom was always trying to “do the right thing.”  She didn’t want to step on any toes and just jump in as a “grandma.”  She didn’t know her role since she wasn’t technically a biological grandma to our kids.  I remember countless times telling her that she was our daughter’s grandma and how awesome it was that our kids would have 3 grandmas.  I insisted my kids would call her grandma and never thought twice about it.  It took some time, but soon enough she realized my kids loved her, and that it didn’t matter how she became their grandma; because that’s what she was.

My daughter, now soon to be six, is borderline obsessed with my stepmom.  She basically would move in with her if she could.  (I am a huge fan of summer camps there!)  These two have definitely bonded.

This week we got the pleasure of having Grandma Terry stay with us while the men were off on a family fishing trip.  (I definitely got the better end of this trip.)  It was awesome (momma also got a break!).  The bad news is, like all great visits, it had to come to an end.  Grandma Terry stayed until the daughter got on the bus this afternoon.

The daughter has never had an issue getting on the bus for kindergarten until today.  She knew when she got home grandma would be gone.  Sure enough, minutes before the bus arrived her little eyes filled with tears.  I could tell she was trying to keep it together, but I also could tell she was about to lose it.  I shot grandma the “don’t you lose it on me too” look and held my breath.

The daughter hugged Grandma Terry and then told her, “Promise to love me forever.”  Seriously.  I choked back tears, so did grandma.  Miraculously she made it on the bus without losing it.  (I have no idea how we all kept it together!)

Clearly a little girl’s love for her grandma is undeniable.  I sure hope Grandma Terry knows she has a very special place in all our hearts!!

(Hurry back!!!)