It’s 8:32am now and the day has started with a bang.

The husband snuck off to work around 6:30am, and I happily slept until 7:15. When the creatures started stirring, I hopped in the shower (amazing feat in itself) and then got ready for the day.  At some point between washing my face and not drying my hair I decided it would be the perfect day for the zoo.

I mentally prepared myself and decided it would be fun.

With the weather being in the low 70s how could I not take the kids to one of their favorite places?!  The 5 year old soon showed up and asked what we were doing today.  I told her my plan, and of course when she usually would be excited, she declared she didn’t want to go to the zoo today.  Great.  I said we are going and to go get dressed.  I’m in charge right?!

Went into the toddler’s room where he cheerfully greeted me with a big hug and a kiss from him and his baby dolls.  My sweet boy once again stayed in his toddler bed until I came in his room to tell him he can get up.  Mind blowing, I know!!  I got him ready, headed into the daughter’s room where she told me the shorts she found were terrible… So we left.  I don’t need this negativity today; it’s a zoo day!!

Got breakfast started and down came the daughter with a newfound desire to go to the zoo.

She told me she had changed her mind and was excited to go.  About time, I thought.  Seconds later she realized her little brother was holding a stuffed animal that was hers and she lost her mind.  Great.  “Why does he have my favorite thing in the whole wide world?!?”  “He is ruining him!” “(Insert crazy monster sounds here)!”  Now I have a crying toddler and a screaming daughter.

It was time.  I loudly proclaimed “If you don’t stop fighting with your brother we aren’t going to the zoo.”  That’ll show her.  She stopped for a second and then pointed at him in a way that made him cry again.  Last warning I told her.

Guess what happened next?!

I made smoothies and had the nerve to give the son his in a Ninja Turtle cup and the daughter’s in a more grown up cup with a straw.  (Hello, the dishwasher is dirty and these are the only 2 cups available with lids.)  Well, the daughter saw this as an unspeakable act.  How dare her brother get the “best cup ever” and she did not?!  You’ll never guess what happened next… Well maybe you will.  She threw smoothie cup, she screamed and that was the end of that.  “No Zoo.”

The words came out of my mouth before I could stop them.

I knew it had to be done but man, was I disappointed.  Not only had I wasted a shower, but now I had to deal with these 2 in close quarters fighting and driving me crazy until nap time.

This is my current reality.  I’m not going to lie, the thought of being in an office, at my own desk with my latte in hand, sure sounds appealing right about now.

Happy Wednesday… What?! It’s really only Wednesday?!?