Spaghetti Squash with Bacon, Spinach, and Goat Cheese

So the husband and I need to start eating better and I need to get out of my cooking rut, aka I make the same things over and over.  I decided to turn to Pinterest (I have a love/hate relationship with this site- more on that another time) to find a new recipe to try.

You need to understand my husband and “healthy dinners” before I go any further.  If I make a dinner without meat, without bread and with vegetables he will try it but will already be against the meal from the start.  I know this is an uphill battle so I definitely looked for a recipe that had something in it that would excite him before he even put it in his mouth.  Know what that ingredient was tonight?!? Bacon.

You can’t go wrong with bacon in my house… (well unless you are a toddler and decide all of the sudden that you are a vegetarian like my son has done.)  I knew the smell of bacon when the husband came home for dinner would win him over right away!  Tricky, yes.  Necessary, yes.  Now this little recipe also has cheese; winning.  Okay, so that’s about all I thought I would need to win over the husband and I was right!!

This recipe was for a spaghetti squash with bacon, spinach and goat cheese.  The recipe was super easy (a must for me lately) and was delicious.  The glaze with the maple syrup really took it over the top.  You wouldn’t believe it, but the husband went back for thirds.

A few downfalls of this recipe I feel the need to share.

1) The kids would barely touch it.

They are not big on spaghetti squash and I knew this already.  I gave them each a small amount and the 5 year old gagged and sounded like she was being tortured while eating her 5 bites.  The toddler, well he is just not a big eater and anything that looks “different” is usually a no go.  I made some extra bacon and had some other food ready for them.  (I choose my battles at the dinner table.)

2) I don’t care what people say, spaghetti squash is not equivalent to spaghetti.

You cannot go into eating this meal thinking it will resemble spaghetti in anyway.  Just don’t do it.  It’s a vegetable, deal with it.

3)  It will not fill you up like a pasta dish would either.

That’s what we are going for right?!  This whole “eating healthy” stuff means you shouldn’t leave the table feeling uncomfortable and crazy full.  This also might be partly why the husband went for thirds now that I think about it.

4)  I usually de-grease my bacon like crazy but this recipe used the grease.

I’m gonna go with it even though it does gross me out a little.  I used nitrate free bacon so I feel better about that, but honestly bacon grease makes me cringe.

5)  The smell of bacon will linger in the house for days.

Not saying this is a bad or good thing however.

So all in all I am happy to report this dinner was a hit with the adults.  We will definitely make it again and I will most likely not make the 5 year old eat 5 bites again due to the awful sounds she made while I was trying to enjoy my food.

The link to the recipe is below; I take no credit in creating this; I just followed instructions.  I’ll also be honest, I used Feta cheese crumbles… Is that goat cheese?! Ha, either way it worked great with it.  I also did not stick to the 2oz cheese the recipe called for.  Pretty sure it was more like 4oz here.

Eat up!