A 5 hour car trip told through the eyes (and mind) of my 2 year old

Hour 1-
This is great!! I get to watch tv, play with my magnetic sketch-board, eat snacks… I’m living the dream!! Look, there’s a crane. Mom, crane!! Crane!! Crane!!! Why isn’t she answering me?!? Mom!! Wait, there she just acknowledged me. Yay!!! Life is great.

Hour 2-
I need milk. I need it now!! Where are the cranes to look at?! At least there are trucks, I love trucks. Stop looking at me sister. Seriously, leave me alone. Why do I have to listen to mom’s music? Where did the kid show go?! Wait, I love this song!! Daya makes me dance. Can you toss me my milk mom?! Thanks. Now, I’ll just go ahead and stick my finger up the sippy cup, wait for it… Yep, milk is now spilling all over me! Sucker… Looks like we need to stop soon mom, this is disgusting back here.

Hour 3-
Yep the milk trick worked!! Lunch stop. I need to walk, I don’t want to hold your hand in the parking lot. Enough!!! I’m 2. I can do it!! Oh here’s the public bathroom. If I’m fast enough I can touch the toilet seat… Ugh! Mom caught me… Time to scream because I didn’t get to touch the public toilet. Why are you changing my diaper?!? This is the worst! Looks like I need to throw a tantrum in the food line for all to see. That’ll teach mom to not let me touch the toilet seat next time. What?!?!? We are going back in the car?!?! AAAAAHHHHHH! Arch my back, kick my legs… Good luck getting me back in the car.

Hour 4-
Still driving?!?! Maybe if I throw my toys on the ground mom will stop the car to get them. Mom, I threw my stuff and I need it now!! What?!? She’s not getting my toys. Captain America! Captain America!! I can’t reach my Captain America!! Mom!!!!!! Time to cry and yell. Why is my sister looking at me again?!?! Stop looking at me!!! I’ll just go ahead and keep repeating myself for the next 40 minutes until mom stops the car.

Last 30 minutes of the 5 hour car ride…
Looks like I’m going to stay awake the whole way… Why are my eyes closing?!? Well at least I won’t need to nap today at home… Zzzzz….

(Good times!)