We just got back from a week long vacation to St.Kitts (if you don’t know it yet, you need to!) that we sort of hijacked from my dad and stepmom.  You know how it goes, a father about three glasses in on Cabernet, mentions they have a spare room in a couple months in a tropical location.  You make eye contact, smile really wide, and the next thing you know you’re booking your family of four on American Airlines.  This happens all the time right?!?  Okay probably not, but we are so grateful!!

Want to know what else I’m grateful for?!?!  My stepmom.

Listen, I won’t lie here; to many the title “stepmom” instills negative feelings and I will admit in my younger (aka dumber) years it did the same for me.  I’ll tell you what though, thank goodness for things working themselves out, and for patience and kindness.  The moment my first child was born there was zero hesitation that my stepmom would be “Grandma.”

Not “step grandma” (is that a thing?), or any other term for our family besides what she is to my children; their grandma.

Today was bittersweet.

We are home now, and our 30 something degree weather is a bit of a shock compared to the 80s and sunshine we had all last week.

Want to know what else is bitter sweet?!  My kids have called me “Grandma” no less than 20 times today.  They are so used to playing with her, and spending time with her, that that’s the name that has come up all day long. When they needed something or wanted to just tell me something funny, it was automatically “Grandma, guess what.”  Funny how that works!

I always knew that my stepmom would be loved unconditionally by my children because I knew she would love them that way.

No halfway Grandma or “one foot in the door” relative.  Life sure has a way of working out, doesn’t it?!  (Don’t even get me started on the two amazing sisters I got and amazing aunts my kids got from all of this as well… that’s another blog for another time!)

When my daughter lost it, we are talking complete ugly cry, when she had to watch her Grandma walk out onto the tarmac and board her plane home (to a different state than us), I couldn’t even hold back my tears.  Love is love, and thank goodness my kids were able to get another Grandma who loves them more than they will ever know.

Thank you for loving us and for embracing all of our “crazy” as your own!!