When did school holidays become so much work for the parents?

If I would have known the 100th day of school would mean “100 hours of crafting,” I would have started in September.

Back in the day, I remember celebrating our 100 days of school with a cute song and maybe an assembly we watched someone else perform.  I don’t remember my mom having to help me make a shirt with 100 like objects glued to it.  Don’t I send my kid to school so they can do crafting there, with a skilled teacher?  Does my memory fail me or is all of this “spirit week” and holiday rules for school new for this generation of kids?

Class parties used to be snacks and a movie or a book read by a special visitor.  Now it’s become a committee of moms who have to coordinate crafts, games and Pinterest boards.  It really has taken on a life of its own and to be honest, I don’t think the kids appreciate it any more than they would enjoy a movie and popcorn with their classmates.  Aren’t we getting a little out of control?

I used to have more of a crafting side.

…but that was long before I had two of my own offspring.  Before there was a never ending mountain of laundry to wash and fold (the folding is the worst), a needy boxer, and about a million things I always have running through my head to do for our house.  When I was a carefree, nesting, pregnant wife, I was great at crafts.  (Well, anything that didn’t involve glitter.)  Now, things clearly have changed.

Yes, I have a Pinterest account and many filled boards.  This doesn’t mean I actually use them very often!  Come on people, we all know that by now right?  Pinterest is for recipes on the fly, random kid party ideas, and for a way to pass an hour while the kids watch TV.

So why do I need to feel like a bit of a lazy mom because I don’t want to provide 18 handmade Valentine’s with homemade bracelets attached to them?  Thank goodness my kids still get excited over the $2 pre-made paper Valentines.  What did my kid turn her Valentine’s box into?  A box with colors and drawings all over it.  Perfection if you ask me, and the bonus was she took about two hours to make it all by herself.  That’s called a good afternoon for this momma.

I am all for school spirit and unity, but can we find it in a less all consuming, I have to run to Hobby Lobby again so my kid isn’t the only kid not Pinterested in her class?  I’d seriously hire a crafty mom to do a list of holiday crafts and spirit wear for my kid.  It’s exhausting.

Am I alone in this?  Have we taken all of this just a tad too far?