These winter weeks are starting to take their toll on this Momma.  The dreary, cold days are way too familiar and I have been craving Spring and fresh air!

For some reason this week has been hard.  Maybe it’s because we are still in the thick of potty training, with some great, accident free days and other days full of bodily fluids that didn’t quite make it to where they should have gone.  Maybe it’s because the husband has been working long hours and the kids have been super moody. It also might be because in a couple of weeks I am getting a much needed break and time with family and a great friend… I’m an impatient person!

As much as I dread leaving the house lately, it’s a good thing there are activities I have to go to and groceries I have to buy.  If it wasn’t for those, I’m not convinced I’d never leave the house.

Tonight’s another night without the husband home to help at bedtime and I’m exhausted, mentally mostly.  Good news is the kids and I can enjoy a super easy dinner full of hot dogs and random sides… no need to prepare a “real dinner” when it’s just us!  Pretty sure we will end the night with a kid show and bedtime; forget the bath!

In this sea of chaos that our house seems to be lately, I feel comfort knowing there’s no need to clean up for now.  I’m feeling a lot like the dog in this picture, tired and in need of a break!

Remember moms, no matter what it appears, we all struggle from time to time… and taking a shower is a luxury for us all some weeks.  Hang in there and know you are not alone and we are all doing the best we can.