This girl.

She’s a self proclaimed tomboy who thinks she’s a dare devil. Thank goodness her stunts are limited to playground equipment and sidewalks for now.  I still cringe when she hops on her bike without training wheels.  Lord help me when she figures out how to do wheelies, or learns she can ride a skateboard.  I’m still trying to hide the fact that we live by a skate park for this very reason.

She challenges me in SO many ways.

Ways I never imagined a child could challenge a parent.  Maybe it’s karma, since I know I was also a strong-willed kid, or maybe it’s just the universe’s way to making me stronger.  Either way, this girl seems to be my ultimate test.  Some days I think I’m not doing the best job raising her.  It’s hard dealing with a tiny version of yourself, who doesn’t understand logic and reason.

Luckily, when I least expect it, she will say or do something to confirm that I didn’t mess up too badly in her 6.5 years of life.  She recently told me there was a kid who was crying on the bus, so she went over and sat with her so the girl wouldn’t be sad alone.  She said it was okay to break the rule of assigned seats when someone needed help.  Looks like she’s learned something from watching me, and it seems like things are actually sticking.  Who knew?

The other day I got “If I had to choose any mom I wanted, I’d still choose you.”  What?! Me?!  This was literally an hour or so after she had gotten in trouble for tackling her little brother.  I guess my rules and boundaries aren’t really breaking her as badly as I had thought.  I used to feel like I was stomping her will right out, but clearly kids need a little taming.

Here’s hoping she always tackles life like in this photo.

Good news is, I’m pretty sure no one will ever walk all over her, or make her do something she doesn’t want to.  Bad news is, she’s a smart one who will push the limits (and me) probably forever.

Stay strong lady, but please don’t cause me to go completely gray before you’re a teenager. 💛