It finally happened!!! The daughter is wearing something other than her blue Sketchers to school.  No, it’s not “wear boots to school day” or a special holiday; it’s a normal Wednesday and I feel like I just won a gold medal or something.

If you know us, or have been following my blog, then you know this is a huge victory!!  My daughter is so stuck in her ways that the idea of wearing actual cute boots has been more than a struggle.

How did I do it?!  Well I can’t take all the credit since her little best friend wears similar boots, but I will take the credit for showing her how darn comfy boots are.  She finally agreed to try the ones I bought her weeks ago, and since it’s not a gym day, she’s going for it!  Yes, I had to pack her gym shoes in her backpack just in case.  (Goodness forbid gym class sneaks up on the one day she wears boots!)

I feel like this just cracked open a door to so many new possibilities.  Maybe flats in the summer; dare I think of a shirt with pink or nonsuperheros on it?!  A mom can dream right?!  All I know is seeing my little tomboy proudly strut to the bus today made me heart smile!