Where did the time go?  I feel like I keep thinking this A LOT lately.  First it was because I blinked and summer was over, then it was because I somehow had a first grader, and now it’s because there is literally a handful of days left until Christmas.  Seriously, where did the time go?!

Now, with the holiday season in full swing, I feel it is my duty to share a little wisdom into what we should all be remembering… (besides the million of daily parenting things we must always have running through our minds!).

First of all, remember to smile.

Yep, that should be an easy one; but when my tiny dictators are screaming and fighting over who found our elf, it sometimes is hard to remember.  Remember to smile when you’re in a line about 20 people deep at Target; no one wants to be there waiting, however everyone is, so let’s just try to make it a little more pleasant by smiling at each other.  Put that smile on your face when the UPS guy throws your package with “fragile” written on every square inch of it onto your front porch like it’s a football.  Frowning won’t fix it so why even bother?!

Secondly, remember that holiday cheer isn’t all store bought.

Even though we are constantly shopping for the perfect gifts, it’s nice to step back and remember the pricey things won’t make problems go away.  Remind your kids to be nice to their friends and remind yourself to be nice to yours (and even to strangers).  Giving the “side eye” will only damper the season.  You never know what someone is going through so there’s no reason to judge, right?!

Also, thank you goes a LONG way.

Someone did something nice for you?!  I don’t care if it’s holding a door open or just telling you that your gas tank is open; just say “thank you.”  It’s easy to do and it’s highly appreciated!  Someone might need to hear a quick thank you to remind them not all is lost or “ruined” in their world.

There really is a LOT more to remember like:

Try to hide your Christmas gifts in places where you’ll actually REMEMBER them.

Make cookies on a full stomach or risk eating all the cookie dough and having barely any cookies made at the end of the baking process.

Buy cute elastic pants before Christmas Day so you can spend it in “sweat pants” while pretending they are actual pants.

Those seasonal drinks won’t last forever, so get drinking!

…but I’ll end with this:

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas.  Here’s to a new year of being the best version of ourselves and being a better person to all… including our kids that sometimes tend to drive us a bit crazy.

Thank you for reading along and following this Fenced In Momma for another year.  Stay tuned, there are some new and exciting things coming soon.