Sometimes in the hectic, crazy day, I forget how much one small act will matter.

I forget to stop moving forward; cleaning up after another mess, putting away piles of laundry and dishes, etc.  I forget to stop and look into the eyes of my kids when they are talking to me.  Every now and then I get a reminder, and this morning I got the perfect type of one!

Yesterday, after the 7 year old got home from school we did the usual chat about her day.  She was thrilled to show me the homemade wipe-off board her rock star teacher made, personalized just for her.  The kids rode bikes, we went to the gym, we had dinner, and then the husband came home.

While he was eating his dinner, my little lady started working on a “puzzle” she wanted to make for her Dad to do.  Now, when I say she was making a puzzle, I don’t mean she was pulling out a box with a puzzle in it; I mean she was drawing a picture and then proceeded to cut it into super tiny pieces.  A large portion of her puzzle was just white paper and it looked impossible to ever get back together.

In my frazzled, end of day mindset I even told her this puzzle was impossible.

She smiled at me and said Dad could do it and I thought “yeah right” to myself.  The husband was busy.  He had just had a long day at work, commuted over and hour to get home, was planning on working and playing racquetball late into the night.  The last thing he was going to do was this impossible puzzle.  She left her puzzle on the counter and went on with her night.

Fast forward to this morning when we all walked downstairs and found the best surprise from the husband.

Not only did he finish the puzzle (maybe he hired little elves to help?!?), but he left our daughter this note:


“Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it!”

Seriously.  Some days I wonder if we are mature enough to raise tiny humans.  There are days when I think I literally did everything wrong, and I honestly have moments where I think “They will tell their therapist about this someday.”  We are no where near perfect and our patience runs very thin most of the time; but in that moment, I knew we are doing a pretty good job raising our tiny humans.

Thank goodness for the husband and thank goodness my kids get to learn from such an awesome human.  I hope everyone has someone like this I their lives.  Someone who sees beyond the busy day and takes a moment to show you that things matter.

Her’s hoping I can be a fraction as good of a parent as my better half today…. the son is already testing me but I’m holding tightly to our moment this am.