I normally think I’m on top of things that my kids do, but it turns out I have one sneaky kid on my hands.

The kids made gingerbread houses for my daughter’s 6th birthday party over the weekend.  This was not their first time making the houses; we do it every year.  The daughter gets to eat as much candy as she wants when she makes the house, and then we have a cute decoration for the table during the holiday season.

Well… now that she’s 6, it turns out she’s one sneaky little lady.  I noticed this afternoon that her once full rooftop was missing a few pieces of candy.  Upon further investigation, I noticed there were a LOT of missing candies from all over the house.  Well played little lady!

I never would have thought to eat candy off a completed gingerbread house, but it looks like she did.  (Clearly I’m just too “type A” for that sort of thing!)  I’m not sure if I should be proud or grossed out.  Looks like the gingerbread houses need to find higher homes this year!