I wake up wondering how it’s already morning.  I give myself a little pep talk of, “you can do this,” or “okay, you really need to get out of bed now,” and somehow I muster enough will power to actually get up.  It’s these types of mornings where I have to wash my face right away, with cold water, or my eyes will start closing yet again.

I am sure I’m not alone in this morning grind of motherhood.  I don’t think it’s much different for the working and the stay-at-home moms.  Yes, we all have different morning routines, but we all feel the pains of the mornings that came too fast.  You know the mornings where either the alarm sounds way too early, or you were up with a kid screaming they “need to go to the potty” just to realize it’s only 45 minutes before you need to get up.  Why even try falling back to sleep at that point?  It’s also the mornings where the kids wake up way earlier than anticipated, and now you need to forgo taking a shower in order to prevent a fight club breaking out in the playroom.  (I’ve learned deciding not to shower than showering under the stress of screaming kids is a much better way to start these days.)  These mornings are tough and honestly, they happen more often than not lately!  We’ve all been there right?

Well, today was one of “those mornings.”

It helped that the son woke up happy and ran over to me with a hug.  (Turns out happy kids in the am is a very good thing!)  What didn’t help, was when the 6 year old came downstairs crying because I didn’t wake her up.  (Seriously, I need that girl to sleep as much as possible to avoid moods like this!!)  Usually this seems to be the case on these mornings; one child is happy and sweet, while the other is a groggy mess.  Oh, and of course it switches kids so I never know what mood I’m going to get from which child.  It’s all about ups and downs and how you navigate through them all in the early hours of motherhood.

Want to know what turned my morning and eventually my day around?!  After breakfast, my soon to be 3 year old, wanted me to hold him.  He just wanted to cuddle.  Let me tell you what, in that moment everything melted away.

I held him and cuddled him until he decided it was time to go and play Superheros.  Someday this little guy is going to be too big to hold, although I’ll still probably try!  Someday he might not want to cuddle with me so I’ll soak up every second of this!

Forget cleaning the kitchen for now, I’ve got all day to do that.  Forget worrying about the piles of laundry I need to fold or the millions of things I have running through my head to do today.  Here’s to a slow morning with the kids.  Pretty sure I’ll need to squeeze in a latte to keep these eyes open later, but that’s manageable!

The good news is even if something doesn’t turn my morning around so quickly, I know that it’s just one day of many of being a mom.  I have learned I can’t expect every day to be the same, or honestly, even remotely what I think the day should be like.  I have to embrace that I have two crazy kids.  Some mornings are hard for me and they are hard for them.  Life isn’t always perfect, shouldn’t our kids learn this also?

Rough mornings call for drastic measures some days… you know, like many kids shows, donuts, bubble baths just to get the kids in a better mood, or even a quick trip to Starbucks for us all.  All rough mornings can be turned around with the right attitude, or the right amount of caffeine.

Hoping your mornings are full of things that make you smile.  If they are not, and they start off on the rocky side, just know, you are not alone!  We all have been there (and many are there in the exact same moment you find yourself wishing for another two hours of sleep).  It helps to know this crazy thing called motherhood is a ride to a great destination.