I felt determined to get out of the house this morning with both kids in good moods.  I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday so I decided to not even attempt something as consuming as the zoo.  I decided it was a great day for the local splash pad instead.  Best part?!  They have a “parent/tot” session in the morning for families with kids 5 and under.  Yes please!!  That fits my criteria of no crowds and pre-nap-time activities.

I decided to just start packing up our stuff before even announcing my plan; that gave the kids no time to start fighting and complaining in case it was “one of those days” for the daughter.  Turns out I had a great plan!!  The announcement:  Just picture a grand announcement in some form of fairy tale and then lower your standard A LOT, and that’s how I made it known of my intentions for the morning.  It worked!!  There were cheers and applause (I sure felt like momma of the year in that moment), swim suits and sunscreen were applied… And then away we went.

On the car ride over I spelled out the rules for the splash pad.  I’ll admit, this was mainly for the 5 year old since the 2 year old 1) doesn’t really listen and 2) doesn’t really ever do anything intentionally bad.  (Fingers crossed he stays like this!)  Short of signing a contract, we were in business.  We got there, no lines- check!, great weather- check!, happy kids and momma- check check!!!

The splash pad was perfect!!!  There was nothing the kids could get hurt on and there even was a lifeguard just in case.  (Not really sure why, but you know I love safety!!)

The offspring’s very different personalities became apparent to all.  A few moms even pointed them out in case I didn’t notice myself.  The daughter was splashing like crazy… basically seeking out the craziest water spout and karate chopping it.  She was hysterical.  She was fierce and carefree… Just like always.  The son on the other hand stayed close to me and a calm stingray water feature.  He used a toy watering can I brought him and just kept filling it up and dumping it out.  He got scared while walking past a coconut tree that dumps water and demanded to be held.  Mind you, he was never splashed from the coconuts but the idea that this could happen was terrifying to him.

So happy it was a splash pad and not the pool today.  I was calm, not worried about watching both kids all the time, and honestly happy to enjoy seeing them interacting with things instead of them just splashing in a pool.

Another added bonus… Today at the park’s splash pad the moms and kids were all so nice.  I’ll be honest, places we go are not usually like this.  People smiled, said hi, were comfortable in their own skin (bathing suits and all- no one seemed to judge anyone).  It was refreshing!!

I’m still looking forward to nap time today of course; but I’d say this morning’s outing was a complete success!!!

splash pad2 splash pad3