We are having the best winter in the Chicagoland area.

Today is a Sunday, in mid February, with 60 degree weather.  What?!?  This is how I like to winter!  Would you believe I even turned the a/c on yesterday?!  True story, don’t judge!

We were outside, in February, wearing sunglasses and short sleeves.  I wouldn’t believe this either if I hadn’t been sitting there, trying to get a tan.  It was so weird coming out of hibernation and seeing other neighbors outside.  Not sure about you, but winter for us means hiding indoors and reconnecting with neighbors once Spring arrives.  It was like our little town had come to life at a time of year when it’s usually blistery cold and basically miserable.

Of course, we embraced this Spring-like day!

Before lunch we had managed to open the house windows, pack up the car with bikes, toy trucks, and outdoor balls. After a MUCH needed Starbucks run, we had the kids at a park, one riding her bike and the other scooping mulch with his tractor.

I’ll be honest, the only reason the 6 year old is learning how to ride her bike, is because the husband was here to help.  Want to know the truth?  It terrifies me.  Not the actual riding a bike part, (they have helmets for that), but the learning how to ride a bike part.  My patience is admittedly low, I get frustrated easily, and I’m just a nervous momma.  Obviously, she will fall, but I’d rather not be the one in charge when she does.  4th time on a training-wheel free bike and I’d say she’s got it down!

**Mom tip:  Get your kid on a balance bike, on a slanted driveway first for an afternoon of solid learning (preferably someone else doing the teaching with your kid), and then move onto a 2 wheeled bike afterward.  It seriously was way easier than any of us had thought it would be.

Biking in February

So this left me with the son.

As most of you know, I am not a huge fan of parks with climbing equipment and “death traps” for small kids.  (Too stressful.)  I purposely suggested we went to the park on the other side of the lake, away from the playground equipment.  The 3 year old got to play in the mulch with a bulldozer, and we are both happy and stress free.  Winning!!

Playing outside in winter with 60 degree weather

Getting some sunshine in the middle of winter is a much enjoyed surprise.  Maybe we should move South, I could get used to this!!  Anyone else having a freakishly warm weekend?  Enjoy your time outdoors and make sure to find a minute (or more) to sneak away and have a little alone time!  Happy Sunday!