I do not handle stress well.  Like, I’m actually terrible under stress.  I wish I was the girl who stopped eating and worked out when she got stressed out, but of course I’m the exact opposite.  (I blame my genetics on this one!!)

I also seem to hang onto stress way too long.  I’ll find little things to stress over; like packing for a trip is a great example.  I know what needs to be done and I don’t really procrastinate like most, I just stress about it.  I stress about what I’m packing while I pack it… And that’s just something small.  Imagine how I handle big stressors.

It’s bad.  I am currently in a state of a lot of stress and I’m doing everything I know I shouldn’t be.  I’m eating too much, not sleeping enough, and not working out like I should.  I am basically becoming a hermit and my poor kids probably think my new hair color is gray.  (I even had a friend comment the other day on how surprised she was to see all my new gray hair!  Of course, then I stressed about that!!)

Clearly I need to pull myself together.  A few weeks from now all this stress should be in the past, but if it’s not, someone needs to come grab me and shake me out of this!!  I’d like to not have to buy all new clothes and hair dye to fit this new lifestyle I seem to be living.

Would you believe the one thing not stressing me out right now is my kids?!?  Who would have thought?!?

Maybe a Pinterst board on how to handle stress should be in my future.  However, I know I’ll just stress about not doing anything on my board so maybe I should rethink this!!  Holy stress!!  Wish me luck and keep all baked goods away from my house until I get this under control!