About a month ago I let the toddler bring his magnetic drawing board into the car.  It was great… at first.  Soon enough, it became a fight every single car ride.

It drove me crazy.  “I need it.”  “He’s not sharing.” “Give it to me.”  Seriously, it was so frustrating that I knew I had to do something.

That “something” seemed like an easy answer.  We have another magnetic drawing board in the house; clearly I just needed to put it in the family car.  I was thinking I’d get loud cheering and “mom of the year” status for my problem solving.  Boy was I WRONG!

Would you believe it made things worse?!  I’m not even kidding.  Now the toddler demanded the other board and they both wanted one board more than the other, even though they did the exact same thing!  What’s a mom to do?!

I’m giving it a week and if this doesn’t change my new rule will be this: No toys in the car.

Fingers crossed something gives soon for my sanity.