While I was worrying about how I would get the daughter to get on the bus (hopefully without tears), a friend told me a great idea.

She reminded me of the book “The Kissing Hand” where the little raccoon is nervous to go to school and his momma kisses his little paw and tells him to take her kiss with him to school.  My daughter is very familiar with this book.  My friend also said to draw an actual heart on our wrists so it’s a reminder to her that I’m with her all day.  Brilliant!!!

So this morning, after breakfast, this is exactly what we did.  We talked about the book; of course the daughter got all choked up and told me that she knows they wash their hands first thing, and then she will lose my kiss.  I told her not to worry, that we would draw hearts on our wrists and they would be with us all day.  (Seriously, my friend saved the day!!)

She loved this idea and insisted we use non-washable red markers.  Done!  We drew our hearts; even gave the toddler, dad, and the dog one, and then she kept looking at her heart and mine.  It was the sweetest thing ever.

image image

She’s in her classroom now, and I have a feeling this heart is getting looked at a lot!!  (I know I’m looking at mine!)  What a fantastic way to send off the daughter on her first day of Kindergarten.

(I did it!!  I kept it together with my big sunglasses on and only cried a few tears once the bus was down the street.  Whew!!)