I have been having a hard time lately with the idea that we need to be the “perfect mom.”

Honestly, I’ve had enough with the “perfect mom” routine.  It’s great for the moms who can make weekly cupcakes from scratch (I’ll eat them!), who will let their kids buy whatever they want (better you than me), and who always need dress in designer clothes and wear a full face of make-up (I dream of having the money and time for this).  I am happy for the moms who feel like they have it all, but I don’t want this pressure put on me.

Here’s the deal, I don’t think anyone or anything can be perfect.

I do think we can strive to meet our own levels of perfection, but those are all varied depending on the person.  We need to accept this and accept that there is no such thing as a “perfect mom,” and stop pushing this idea on moms.  Mom guilt is real, and I don’t wish more of it on anyone!!

This day and age, we have way too many avenues to make us feel like an inadequate parent.

We now even have websites like Pinterest to show us we need to do more to be a good mom.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest, but I’ve learned to use it my way.  I don’t need to make 1,000 handmade crafts and homemade Valentines to feel like a good mom.  I also don’t need people questioning me because my kid came to school with pre-bought invitations or her snack isn’t shaped like a zoo animal.  Good for the moms who want to get out their creative energy on their kid’s Halloween costume, but I don’t need to be judged for not being one of them.

Sometimes I give my kids cereal bars in the car for breakfast on the way to preschool because we overslept.  Sometimes I let my kid sip my chai tea because I forgot to bring her a water bottle and she is begging for a drink.  I go out in sweatpants when I know they aren’t flattering (who cares?!?) and I usually find a way to be matching one of my kids without even realizing it.  My kids sometimes eat their leftover lunches for dinner and its ok.

I don’t need to put added pressure on myself to be perfect at all times.

Heck, it makes it so much better when my 5 year old tells me how dressed up I look just because I wore jeans and mascara that day without having my hair in a top knot.

I find myself gravitating more towards my friends who are okay just being themselves and who admit they aren’t perfect people or moms.  I love having girls in my life that are strong and able to accept me for me and not question my actions as a mom.  I love knowing my “mom friends” have bad days and can vent to me about it and know I won’t judge and vice versa.  I feel bad for the moms who are always trying to show the world they have it all, because I think they would enjoy the ride more not putting on the perfect facade all the time.

Let’s embrace being genuine and stop hiding behind labels and judgement.  I know I want my kids to grow up knowing it’s okay to not always be perfect, and that being your true self is what perfection should be all about.

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