I have always (and will always) love singing along with the radio.

Anyone who knows me (or has ever ridden in the car with me) knows I like to just belt out the words to most songs I hear on the radio.  Fun fact: I’m pretty sure my mind is made up of mostly song lyrics.  If could clear out some of the old songs that seem to have found a home in my brain, I would be a much smarter human being.  I’m also not stuck on one genre of music either; I’m an equal music opportunist.  I dabble in pop, country, rock, rap, and even (sadly) several kid shows and movie soundtracks.  (Don’t you want to ride in the car with me now?!)

I was one proud mom the day my own kids started following in my footsteps of singing along to the radio.

At first it was super cute.  The daughter could basically sing most of the words to Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” before she could form real sentences.  Seriously, as a mom, there is nothing cuter than singing along with your offspring (to your non-kid music) in the car.  I used to think it was a perfect idea to have the kids listen to my music on the radio.  It was a win/win.  I got to hear my tunes, and the kids got to sing along as well.  Everyone was happy and the songs from the children’s music classes were finally out of my mind.  For a brief moment, I felt like the pre-kids me while cruising in the family SUV.

Well, here’s the thing… even though the radio semi-edits the music it plays, it isn’t really enough anymore.

Sure it was cute when the kids were smaller and they were singing semi-inappropriate lyrics.  They didn’t know what kissing and all the “love talk” was all about, so why should I care?  Well, sadly, those days are gone, and now I think I have created little inappropriate music lovers.

For example:  the daughter, soon to be a first grader, loves all things Ed Sheeran.  It was super cute when his music on the radio was the sweet love song, “Thinking Out Loud.”  Even some of his older stuff was fast, semi-rap music that the daughter could hum along with while having zero clue what it was about.  Now, however, his new music (which I still love) is not as cute when sung by children.  Let’s take his current hit “Shape of You.”  This new song is super catchy, fun to listen to… but sadly hearing a six year old sing “…now my bed sheets smell like you…” kinda ruins it.  The problem is she used to not really know the words to songs and her old translations were adorable.  Now, she hears the ACTUAL words and actually sings them correctly.  Eek.

I could continue sharing all the inappropriate song lyrics they belt out, but I have a feeling someone might report me or better yet, start judging me more than usual.  So, for that reason, just listen to the local radio station for an afternoon and assume my kids know most of the words to most of the songs…. I know, not too great.

I think I officially hit the “radio wall” the other day.

I was driving along and one of my “running playlist songs” came on the radio.  Sounds harmless, right?!  Well, let’s just say one of my current fears is that my children will hear my running playlist.  It’s my motivation… my throwback rap music, and all things inappropriate music from my favorite performers.  We all have secret playlists for our own ears, right?!

Well, this song is very controversial, and I was shocked to hear it had made the mainstream radio with barely any edits.  No, there aren’t swear words, but the theme of the song is very inappropriate and it’s graphic enough that children should not be singing along.  UGH.  There it all went… my love of singing to the radio with my children.

Now, I have to start editing the songs I play since the radio is no longer doing it for me.  It’s okay, I might have to switch to the country channels more… even though hearing a kid sing about “being drunk” or saying “body like a back-road” from an almost first grader isn’t much better.  Is it time to move to Kidz Bop?!?  I just CANNOT.  I need to do something drastic I feel in order to raise respectful, non-messed up children with lots of questions.

Looks like Spotify might need to be used more in the car with my “safe for the kids” playlist.

Maybe I’ll have to start running more (WHAT?!) or will need to plan solo trips in the car when the husband is around.  Either way, I am sure I will still find a way to hear the randomness of the radio solo without worrying I am slowly ruining my children’s innocence.