After years of giving into my tiny peoples’ demands of dinner food, I finally decided that my restaurant is closed.  No more making 2 seperate meals at dinner time.  No more seperate “kid dinner” and “adult dinner.”  Nope, it’s time we all eat together with normal dinner food.

Now pulling the plug on the restaurant wasn’t easy.  I’d enjoyed the whining-free dinner table for years, but enough was enough.  This multiple meal couldn’t become my permanent reality; I closed the restaurant without even informing it’s patrons.

Our first meal post decision was a shock for everyone.  The kids cried and literally screamed when they saw the dreaded roasted vegetables and baked chicken breast on their plates.  How dare I serve them healthy, non breaded food!  Where were the fun shaped food items?  Where was the cheese?  Yep, it was going to be a long, uphill climb at the dinner table.

A week or so had passed and I continued to make just one meal.  The daughter had caught on and had started watching me meticulously when I started pulling things out to make dinner.  I wish I could tell you the whining stopped, we all embraced the change and that my kids request salad now over macaroni and cheese.  Well of course I can’t say that, let’s be real here.  I still fight the whining, kids still refuse to eat their dinner so they go to bed hungry; but the good news is I’m sticking to it.

Maybe someday they will thank me when their pallets are mature and they appreciate actual food.  Until then, I might start wearing earplugs to the dinner table.