(I’ve already written the blog “No Tooth Fairy” on how my daughter has decided to forgo the Tooth Fairy in order to keep her teeth.  (Still not sure how all of this happened!)  If you haven’t read it, feel free to check it out!)

Well, I found myself prepared this time for the new “Tooth Fairy Standard” at our house when my daughter lost her 5th tooth this weekend.  For the first time, I felt prepared for the next steps we needed to take with her lost tooth.  I knew she would want to keep her tooth (gross) and put it in her little tooth box she had gotten from the dentist.  Fine, I wasn’t going to fight it.  I also knew she would tell me she wanted to forgo any money the Tooth Fairy would have brought in order to keep this tooth.  I knew a note would be written to the Tooth Fairy explaining all the necessary steps that needed to go with keeping the tooth and not getting money.  Great, I was ready!

Like all well thought out plans, there was a snag.  We did everything above and the daughter even wrote the note herself this time (with a little help on the spelling from dad).  We displayed the note in her room, tucked her in and went downstairs for some World Series watching before heading to bed ourselves.  Not even 20 minutes after the note was in place the daughter started frantically yelling for us to come upstairs.  Maybe the note fell off the wall?  Maybe she needed to pee already?  I didn’t know, so up I went.

Tears were streaming down her face when I reached her.  What in the world was this going to be all about?  She proceeded to explain to me that she didn’t want the Tooth Fairy to come into her room.  She didn’t want her anywhere near her room for that matter.  (Great, a new twist.)  No worries, I was on it!  I told her I would put the note on the front door so the Tooth Fairy would see she didn’t need to come in for any teeth, and that she wouldn’t even need to enter our house.  That wasn’t convincing enough for an overtired 5 year old.  I rationally explained to her that she was a very busy lady and would be thrilled to be able to bypass a house and move onto the next kid’s lost tooth in the neighborhood.  She reluctantly said it was okay, and away I went with the note for this little fairy that was starting to cause me a lot of frustration.

Wasn’t this lie we tell our kids supposed to be FUN?!?!  I wish I could just tell her the truth about the Tooth Fairy, but then I’d be “that mom” who ruined it for her entire Kindergarten class and all our friends’ children so obviously, for the sake of my sanity, I knew to carry on the lie.

Was I done with the Tooth Fairy talk for tooth 5?  Nope.  Moments later, another yell for me to come upstairs.  I usually wouldn’t have gone but her little brother was just asleep and me yelling back upstairs to go to bed would most likely wake him, and then I knew all bets were off for trying to watch any of this World Series game.  I went back up only to have to listen to yet another Tooth Fairy issue.  Somehow the daughter had heard that the Tooth Fairy leaves a green dust behind when she comes for a tooth, and she was wondering if she would see any green dust in the morning.  Really??  What awful parent invented this for the rest of us?  Grrrr… I wasn’t going to have it… my lie wasn’t going to become more complicated.  I proceeded to remind the daughter that the Tooth Fairy never had left a green dust before so I was pretty sure she wouldn’t leave any dust behind this time.

Somehow I managed to escape her room and the Tooth Fairy talk for the rest of the night.  I’ll tell you what, I’m over this little fairy and all the stuff I have to do to prove something, my kid is clearly afraid, of exists.  It’s exhausting!  I am sure you can tell that I am super excited for tooth number 6 to pop out.