The toddler has been requesting his bedtime song be “The Wheels on the Bus” ever since we read the book with Pete the Cat and the wheels on the bus.  It was super cute at first I’ll admit.  While I would start singing, he would roll over most nights sucking his thumb.  He wouldn’t be able to contain himself when the wipers swished and the horn beeped; he would move his hands in the motions and sing along between his thumb sucking.

Well, this super cute bedtime routine has gotten out of control.  For starters, my little guy is now waking up around 4am, running into the hallway, and then loudly demanding I sing him “The Wheels on the Bus.”  Not gonna happen kid.

Also, the husband decided to be cute tonight and sang an extra long version of this song that included (but not limited to) dinosaurs, cows, and lights.  Great.  My, already too long bedtime song, now will need to have 18 verses all with corresponding arm motions.  It’ll be midnight before he’s ever off to bed at this rate!

I think I’m going to find a way to sneak “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star” back into our nightly routine instead.