There’s no better feeling than seeing a “lightbulb moment” with your kids.  Do you know what I mean?  You know, when you see all their (and your) hard work has finally paid off.

Over the past 24 hours I finally got to see the lightbulb go off for my kindergartener.  This little lady has been learning letters and their sounds for almost two years now in preschool. I tried helping her at home, but in all honesty she never would cooperate with me.  It always turned into a huge struggle when I tried to teach her anything that remotely resembled reading.  It just became something I dreaded because I knew she would fight me on everything; even things I knew she knew.  (I have SO much respect for teachers and their patience!)

Last night she found some beginning to read Ninja Turtle books I had bought her over the summer.  She was super excited to “read” them with her dad at bedtime.  (The husband has some magical gift of patience with the daughter that I very rarely seem to posses.)  Sure enough, I walked into the room to see her reading with him.  Like actually sounding out letters and forming words!  What?!?  So amazing.

This morning we had some homework to finish and one of the pages said to read the sentences.  First thought was her teacher gave them the wrong homework page.  I humored this and read the instructions to her.  Would you believe she said “okay” and then proceeded to read the sentences.  About 3 hours later I think I’m still in shock!

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for; seeing it all click for the daughter!!  What a relief.  Let’s hope it’s no longer such a struggle to learn in the house.  Thank you elementary school for opening this door!!