Dear Mommas,

Let me tell you, this has not been my “best Momma week.”  I think the kids can smell weakness.  I think they know this momma is exhausted.

It appears I must have a sign on my forehead that reads, “I give up!”  All the whining, complaining, and arguing has taken its toll on me.  I’ve checked out.  If the whining begins, I do the usual “check yourself” talk, and when it continues (due to extreme mom exhaustion), I just shut down and give in.  No, it’s not my usual parenting technique, and I don’t recommend it, but guess what, we all hit or limit right?!

The good news is there is a way to get past this.  The end is in sight!! Tonight I get an adult dinner with a friend which is sure to refresh this Momma.  Also, reinforcements are driving in from Ohio! Yay for grandparents!! I just need to make it through today… I need to tell my inner momma diva to show up, whip these kids into shape and then run as fast as I can to the nearest exit at 6:40pm!!

If you’re in my same boat, I feel for ya.  Sometimes we just need to adjust our ponytails and handle it… even if it is a tiny dictator who we have to stand up to!!

Hang in there!!

-Fenced in Momma

ps. What’s the point of the “Elf” if the kids don’t care how they act around him?! Maybe I need a tiny wizard instead who zaps their toys into the garbage can when they act up!