Another Mother’s Day is upon us.

It’s our once a year, time to hear how great we are doing as moms day.  Usually, I would like to spend part of today off, solo, without the kids, but this year I didn’t get that luxury.  Not to worry though, I do have a small list of requests for the family for this Mother’s Day.  I’m sure the husband will jump right on this list!

First of all, I want a nanny.

Yes, I am a stay at home mom to two children, and yes, I did just say that I want a nanny.  Do you know how much better of a mom I would be with a nanny?  I would still be around for most things, but I could have the nanny hop in and help with the not so glamorous parts.  She could help dress the children and deal with the wardrobe meltdowns I face on a daily basis.

She also could be in charge of keeping track of all the special school days I need to monitor; you know, crazy sock day, pajama day, etc.  Basically all the days that I usually remember to check about 5 minutes before the bus arrives and then scramble to fulfill.

If she could stick around for bedtime a few days a week, I’d be pretty grateful.  Maybe I wouldn’t yell anymore and maybe this permanent wrinkle from making my mom face on my forehead would disappear.

Next, I’d like a meal delivery service.

Now, please don’t confuse this with a Blue Apron or Hello Fresh type of service.  I need a service that provides gourmet meals, hot, and already configured.  I don’t have the patience to use 16 pans and a bottle of olive oil every night, or really any night. It would be great if this would also include a fancy cocktail menu I could choose from as well as a homemade dessert selection.  I mean, if we’re going to do this, let’s do it right.

Of course now I also want a personal shopper.

I’m probably in the minority here, but shopping really isn’t my thing.  If someone could look at me, know my size, and bring me clothes, that would be great.  I also would like this person to shop for the entire family, and for all the kid birthday parties I need to bring presents for.  They need to be good with a budget and accept the fact that I believe yoga pants are actually pants most days.

What else?

Dog walker, maid, secretary, someone to do all my Pinterest projects…. my list really could go on forever.  I know some of you are thinking, what will you actually do if you have all this help?  Isn’t my job to do everything above and never complain about it?

No, it’s not, and I can assure you, I would still be plenty busy.  I could actually teach my son to write his name, or help my daughter learn to read.  I would have patience left to listen to my kids when they have long, drawn out problems, and maybe I would have time to have actual conversations with the husband.  I also might be able to organize our crawl space, that alone will take me months.

Obviously, this list is super needy and out of control, but I like to aim for the stars.

This year, all I really need for Mother’s Day is for the kids to learn that maybe I’d like to hear I’m a good mom more than just once a year.  Maybe I’d like to hear less whining and more, “yes, mom’s.”  Either way, the handmade cards from school still make this day complete and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, step-moms, soon to be moms, grandmas, and pseudo moms out there.  I hope your day is full of relaxation and hugs.  (Maybe mimosas too!)