I cannot understand for the life of me why you get so angry when my reusable bags show up. The first time you gave me attitude and threw my reusable bags at me, I thought maybe you were just having a bad day. Maybe you woke up upset about something that happened the night before or maybe someone before me in line had been rude to you. I let it go the last time, quietly bagged my own groceries while you glared at me, and then I went on my merry way.

Today was different. Today my family was in tow and you did the same angry reusable bag throw at me. I kept my cool (you’re welcome my kids were there to keep me in check), and I just started bagging. When you took the small bag of cookies I bought my kids, put it in another plastic bag, and basically threw them at me I might have given you the stink eye… Sadly I am terrible at controlling my facial expressions. When I finished bagging my groceries you could have given a simple smile or thank you. I understand that’s hard sometimes so I mentally accepted your gracious thanks that I am sure was in your mind.
Please learn these little bags are helpful to all and learn how to embrace them. Most cashiers just hook them over the same plastic bag holder and happily fill them. If something happened to you in the past that involved reusable bags, then my apologies for not understanding your fears.

Due to your less than positive attitude towards me and my bags, I now see this as a challenge and will seek you out to use more reusable bags in your checkout lane.

Ps… I know you were holding the stickers hostage that my kids look forward to at checkout. ┬áThat was not cool.