Nap time is sacred in our house.  The daughter no longer naps, but thankfully she is in school during nap time, which means this momma still gets about two hours of alone time most days.  Yes, I am technically in “nap jail” and cannot leave the house, but I’ll take two hours solo at home!

Sadly, the three year old has decided napping isn’t always his thing anymore.


Why won’t my son nap?  Well, here are the top reasons why this struggle is so real!

Reason 10:  I missed his “window.”

I always seem to think I can squeeze in something before I need to put the son to bed.  You know, a quick walk, a quick run to Starbucks, or a lunch out with a friend with the son in tow.  Well, this always ends up haunting me when I try to put the son down to nap and he’s like “not gonna happen mom.”  That nap window is a real thing.

Reason 9:  He had apple juice at school.

Seems harmless right?  Not for my little guy.  I always can tell when he’s been sipping “the sauce” at preschool.  He comes home wired and sadly, I know his nap time is going to appear more like watching a caged animal who just cannot calm down.  Of course, I always try to get him to nap, but after a bit of time I usually have to throw in the towel and deal with a cranky and overtired, sugared up kid.

Reason 8:  He has to poop.

Darn poop.  It messes up everything.  It’s like his body decides that after poop there is no nap… it’s a sad afternoon when this happens.

Reason 7:  He decides to learn how to read.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for my kids wanting to read books; just NOT at nap time.  This little guy likes to help himself to his bookshelf at least once a week, and select no less than twenty books to start reading in bed.  Great.  It is cute to hear his little voice telling the stories but it’s not great knowing nap time won’t be happening and once again I will have a cranky kid on my hands.

Reason 6:  He remembers he knows how to open doors.

He has known how to do this for a long time now but for some reason at nap time he finds it fascinating.  He literally opens and closes his bedroom door over and over and over again.  Talk about driving someone nuts.  When I remind him it’s nap time and to leave his door closed this always turns into a tantrum for the ages.  Goodbye nap!

Reason 5:  We get a package.

For a LONG time our doorbell was broken.  We knew it was broken and I was thrilled.  No more waking up napping kids.  I kid you not, one day our same doorbell decided to magically start working.  My happy nap life soon became not so happy.  It has been a good reason to curb my online shopping, so that’s a plus for the family budget!

Reason 4:  It’s a sunny day.

I love rainy, cloudy afternoons now.  They usually mean I will get one amazing nap out of the little man.  Sunny days on the other hand, have made the son’s nap time quite the struggle.  We do have room darkening curtains, but that doesn’t really seem to matter much.  It’s like his body knows there is sun outside and he needs to stay awake to enjoy it.

Reason 3:  He needs to tuck ALL of his stuffed animals into bed with him.

Stuffed animals and dolls are my nemesis.  On one hand, the kids love them and love having “friends” to sleep with.  On the other hand, they are a huge distraction.  The son randomly decides it’s a nap day for each and every one of his darn “friends,” and he must tuck all of them into bed with him.  You know where this is going, nap time is OVER before it even began.

Reason 2:  He no longer likes his sheets.

Yep.  This happens more than I would like to admit.  One time he begged me to put on his Spider-man sheet on his bed and then at nap time he realized I had the nerve to put said sheets on his bed and he couldn’t nap on them.  This even happens with his plain gray sheet he’s had since birth.  Kids.

Reason 1:  He decides to take off all his clothes.

He magically decides to be a nudist at nap time and there goes that.

Here’s hoping your little ones nap for you for as long as you would like them to!  I prefer kids that nap until they are in PM school, that’s ideal.  I know it’s hoping for a lot, but people say to follow your dreams, right?