We went to a friend’s house today for lunch and a little play date.  I love having this friend for many reasons, but one reason is my son loves her.  He always goes to her and will do just about anything she suggests.  It’s super adorable.

This trip in particular I was a little nervous about, I’m not gonna lie.  I think my friend knew it too.  We hadn’t been over to play since they got their new trampoline and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep my little guy off it.  I was only a little nervous about the daughter jumping because that’s what I do; I worry.  There were only 3 kids on at the same time, they were all the same size, and thankfully there was a huge net surrounding the trampoline so that made it less stressful on me.

Like I thought would happen, the son saw the girls jumping and made a b-line to the trampoline.  If you haven’t read my post on his broken leg last November you might be wondering why this constitutes a blog post; but if you have read that blog and if you know me very well, you can see why I was a little concerned.  My friend was there and it was like the security blanket I needed to let my little man be just a regular little kid.

(Of course I did clear the other girls off the trampoline before I let the toddler in; no brainier for me.)  He hoped in there and the rest was priceless.  He beyond loved it and I think we all loved watching him in there.  He had a crazy gallop that he did instead of a jump that just made all of us smile and laugh.  When we laughed, he laughed harder.  It was great!!

He made it off without any broken bones or new scrapes.  I made it out of there without having a panic attack too!  I’d say it was a success!! I’d like to send a special thank you to my friend.  Thanks for letting me ease into the trampoline and for not thinking I was crazy for being a nervous momma!!