The daughter had a dangling front tooth for what seemed like FOREVER.  (Gross!) I had pulled on that thing numerous times and it never would budge.  The daughter had said a few times she was so afraid she would swallow it and I assured her that was so unlikely.

Well, turns out it was way more likely than I thought.  Imagine, dinner at a restaurant, donuts for dessert and then the realization the daughter no longer had any front teeth.  With my poor mom judgement, I decided to tell the daughter her tooth was missing.

First there was a little excitement, then confusion.  “Well where is it?!”  Oh no.  Her nightmare had come true; it was swallowed.  Good news is it was most likely swallowed in a delicious cinnamon and sugar donut.  Bad news is I had just said she wouldn’t swallow that darn tooth.

After a few tears and anger because of her love of keeping her teeth, she found the positive side of things.  “At least I don’t have to worry about the tooth fairy coming now for that tooth.”  Oh my!

Side note: the husband and I did promise to search her poop for the tooth in a moment of weakness!