This year was a different type of Valentine’s Day for this momma.

I was out of town with a friend and her sweet family, while my kids were home with Grandpa and Grandma. (And the husband at night!)  It was so great cuddling the sweetest 6 week old ever and catching up with a great friend. (More on this in a blog to follow.)  Although I was going to be away for Valentine’s Day, I still wanted it to be special for my kids.

I knew I’d be gone on a holiday that my kids enjoy, so I had to prepare ahead of time.

I made goodie bags ahead of time for the kids, helped them make their school Valentine’s early (super hard for this procrastinator), and even made sure their boxes were all set and ready to go.  (As most of you know, it’s exhausting sometimes to be a ‘Martha Stewart’ type of mom… I only do this on rare occasions lately… and always remember why I settle for small holiday mediocrity usually!)

While I was away, the sweetest thing happened.  The toddler (soon to be 3 year old in 2 days!?!) got a special Valentine.  We are lucky enough to have new neighbors who we really like!  (How awesome is that?!)  They have the nicest 5th grader ever who my son has really embraced.  He always smiles at her and hugs her when she comes home off the bus.  He talks about her A LOT and likes to remind me how she’s so nice. It’s really adorable!

Well, this awesome little lady brought my little guy a special Valentine yesterday.  She got him a “U R Cite” heart shaped cake, a toy dinosaur, and a special card.  Anyone who has a toddler probably knows what a big deal this was for him.  It was his first Valentine, and boy was he proud!!

I love seeing my little guy light up when talking about something that was done just for him.  (Being a second child it’s not usually this way.)   He all the sudden seems like a kid and not a toddler… how did that happen?!

Thanks to our new neighbors for being so thoughtful!

My mom guilt of not being here in Valentine’s Day quickly faded when I got the text of my son with his special Valentine!

**The daughter also got a sweet card and enjoyed the cake as well!!